The world is changing and so is EPA

BRUSSELS, 20 November 2015 – Today the European Privacy Association (EPA) announces organizational changes and improvement initiatives to align its activities with its new purpose.

The debate on data protection and data privacy is ever-changing and as the digital world grows by the minute, EPA has decided to adapt itself alongside the debate.

In the past The European Privacy Association has been questioned on the grounds of its transparency and lobbying activities. EPA has already formally replied to such criticisms. EPA is listed under 97050032046-57 “Think tanks and research institutions” and this is the way we want to go forward. We want to focus on providing the public debate and institutions with independent scientific research and analysis, expanding the formerly singular focus on privacy and data protection regulation to also include the vast field of data science that grows as we speak. This will be accomplished by way of the extraordinary community of experts that we have gathered to participate in our Scientific Committee. The new EPA Scientific Committee consists of leaders in the privacy, data protection, data security and data science world who have proved their professionalism and knowledge in the field. A complete list of the Members of the Scientific Committee will soon be published on our website.
To reinforce our commitment towards independent scientific research, we have appointed a new Board of Directors. Dr. Paolo Balboni, our former Scientific Director will become the Chairman; Mr. Florian Damas, Managing Director; a new Scientific Director will soon be appointed; Ms. Kate Francis, Secretary General; and Ms. Geny Li, Treasurer. The new Board of Directors will provide the greatest level of transparency possible concerning our budget and supporters and will support the development of EPA into a genuine think-tank that promotes non-biased scientific work on themes related to data science and data privacy.

Dr. Balboni stated, “I am honored to take this role. First, I would like to thank Karin Riis Jorgensen, EPA’s co-founder and former Chairwoman who will now be an Honorary Member of the Scientific Committee, for her availability and support towards the Association over the years and for encouragement for EPA to turn the page and focus on what we do best – developing high quality scientific research. The task is very challenging, many changes should take place, but I am committed and confident that the new EPA will thrive as a genuine platform that promotes forward-looking and sustainable privacy and data protection.”

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