Paolo Balboni, European Privacy Association Chairman, participates in Democracy Premiere at IDFA


Film producer David Bernet’s esteemed documentary Democracy will premiere at the International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam, today, 20 November 2015. The documentary focuses on transparency in European politics and the role of the diverse players in the making of EU legislation. Bernet followed key figures in the European General Data Protection Regulation for two years, including Data Protection Rapporteur Jan Philipp Albrecht who oversaw the legislative process of the Regulation in addition to documenting the work of think tanks, lobbyists, civil rights activists, and former EU Commissioner Viviane Reding.

The film has received positive reviews from countless German critics. Die Welt called the film the “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Data”, praising Bernet for his ability to give a “happy ending” to a topic that could be “dry and monotonous”. The Guardian calls it a “determinedly European film” that allows for “contemplative viewing and is a visual delight, with a lovely play between the inner and outside worlds of the EU institutions”.

Current EPA Chairman and ICT business lawyer Paolo Balboni is interviewed extensively in the film discussing various aspects of data protection and privacy. In the film Balboni notes that “Data are money”. He also questions the value of consent, stating, “What is the value of consent? We need to operate a shift, somebody needs to take care of privacy and data protection and this somebody is not the data subject who does not know anything, who does not have time, who is not interested. So if consent is a barrier and consent is not per se a guarantee of data protection than it is better to look somewhere else.”

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