Become a Supporter
The European Privacy Association is made possible by the support of its sustaining affiliates.
EPA offers several options to support and participate in the organization as to best fit your needs in the quickly-evolving field of privacy and data security. For more information regarding your Support of EPA please feel free to contact us at info (@) europeanprivacy (.) eu.
Three reasons to join EPA
1. Think about the future of privacy and data protection with us. Join top European data protection experts and share your best practices with EPA.
2. Actively participate in EPA’s Privacy events and constructively exchange your opinions with peers, Data Protection Authorities and policy makers.
3. Be ahead of the privacy game. Access the latest news, insight, and the most forward-thinking papers and comments on privacy developments.

Our golden rule

Any Supporter of EPA is strongly encouraged to provide input regarding EPA’s activities and share their best practices with EPA. No Supporter may make impositions regarding content, methodology or research output to the work produced by the scientific Committee.

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