EPA is at Cloud Expo Europe 2017 promoting #CloudBestPractices

EPA is at Cloud Expo Europe 2017 in London promoting 10 European projects on best practices in cloud computing. Meet them today or learn more about their objectives below:

1) CLARUS – User centred privacy and security in the cloud

The Clarus project provides innovation in security-enabling techniques, attack- tolerant systems and in new architectures for secure delivery in the cloud. Its Privacy-preserving mechanisms support data anonymization, data coarsening and splitting, data encryption and searchable encryption.

The CLARUS security-by-design approach unleashes new market opportunities by making cloud services more transparent, standardised, auditable and controllable.

2) CloudWATCH2 – Think Cloud Service for Government, Business & Research

The CloudWatchHUB.eu is the place to go for educational guides and practical tools for the cloud – it’s a great place to start for SMEs, schools and small IT teams in public administration.

CloudWatchHUB.eu is also the only place with direct access to cutting-edge software services and cloud solutions which are free and available for end- users. Open source is the operative word.

3) CREDENTIAL – Secure Cloud Identity Wallet

The CREDENTIAL project addresses the need for a secure and privacy- preserving cloud-based identity management and data-sharing platform. The project puts users in full control of the data and attributes they want to share, while keeping their data hidden from the cloud provider, thus giving high authenticity guarantees to its data receivers.

4) MUSA – Multi-cloud Secure Applications

The MUSA project provides an integrated tool framework for DevOps and Agile engineering of (multi-)cloud based applications, addressing security in all its phases: design, deployment and operation. The framework supports risk analysis and selection of secure cloud services, and is able to automatically deploy and monitor distributed components and create an application Service Level Agreement.

5) OPERANDO – Online Privacy Enforcement, Rights Assurance and Optimization

The OPERANDO project is able to take significant and complex responsibilities from Governments and Service Providers by:

  • »  Holding sensitive Personal Data offsite.
  • »  Ensuring compliance with evolving data protection legislation.
  • »  Holding data using a different Trust Model: an open source organization that exists for trust.

OPERANDO offers service users control over their data in that:

  • »  Consent of service users is explicit.
  • »  The ability to express personal preferences regarding data is available.
  • »  A third-party in the unequal power relationship between local government and service user is introduced.

OPERANDO enables new business opportunities because:

  • »  Data can be used for analysis and hence offer improved services.
  • »  Anonymised Data can be shared with the user’s consent to facilitate research

6) PRISMACLOUD – “Privacy and Security Maintaining Services in the Cloud

PRISMACLOUD provides a box of flexible tools, fully encapsulating strong cryptographic functionality, from which secure and privacy aware cloud services can be constructed. We address storage and data sharing security, data minimising and privacy providing authentication and authorisation mechanisms, topology certification, anonymisation, and an encryption proxy for legacy applications.

7) PaaSword – A Holistic Data Privacy and Security by Design Platform-as-a Service Framework Introducing Distributed Encrypted Persistence in Cloud-based Applications

The PaaSword project introduces a novel data privacy and security by design framework with the objective to protect sensitive data stored in the cloud. PaaSword enables security annotations, transparently through an IDE, transformed into context-aware security policies that enforce access control, cryptographic protection and physical distribution to secure the privacy of sensitive data.

8) SWITCH – Software Workbench for Interactive, Time Critical and Highly self-adaptive Cloud applications

SWITCH addresses the urgent industrial need to develop and execute time critical applications in Clouds. Applications such as disaster early warnings, collaborative communication and live event broadcasting can only realise their expected business value when they meet critical requirements in terms of performance and user experience.

9) SERECA (Secure Enclaves for REactive Cloud Applications)

The SERECA project aims to substantially improve the state-of-the-art in cloud security for interactive, latency-sensitive applications by seamlessly integrating the new security features provided by Intel CPUs – namely: Intel Software Guard Extensions (SGX) – in a standard cloud stack.

10) SecureCloud (Secure Big Data Processing in Untrusted Clouds).

SecureCloud addresses the confidentiality, integrity and availability of applications executed in the cloud. Data at rest or in transit on the network is already nowadays protected by encryption. The main problem that we face is how to ensure the confidentiality of data while being processed. Our approach is based on upcoming hardware extensions of commodity CPUs.